Penance Hall: Huge in China (Thanks to Voice of America)

Just a quick thank-you to the folks over at Voice of America who did this really amazing piece on us a few weeks ago:

We've had some great press in the past, including the Washington Post, Boston Herald, and others, but the VOA piece is amazing because it has since been translated into multiple other languages, including Chinese, and Thai.

Red+White, Orange+White, Pure Navy

Penance Hall Alumni,

At long last, Red+White, Orange+White, and Pure Navy have arrived at our factory, and are now available at our store. We put in the order with our knitting factory down in North Carolina shortly after New Years, and so it had to be knitted, shipped, received, inventoried, and catalogued at our logistics partner warehouse.

Check them out here:

Team PH

New Website. New Deal.

Hey Everybody,

We re-wrote the website today and would love some feedback from you. We tried to make it simpler to know what is, and is not, in stock, in each size. Please check it out if you have a few minutes (

Also, for those of you who asked for simple Black socks, we are running a special for the next week. Buy five pair, and get $35 off (the equivalent of "Buy Four, Get One Free"). In honor of our new simple website, the discount code is BlackIsTheNewBlack.

Finally, we have updated the Alumni code. Send us a message over Kickstarter and we will pass it along.

Hope everybody is staying warm!

Josh + Team PH

Short Video -- Spray Painted Ammo Cans -- Production Update

This is a re-post from our Kickstarter blog, which you can access here.

Hi Everybody,

We're nearing the end of production -- just a few more days -- but as I mentioned last week, we hired Bill Goode, a Raleigh photographer and videographer to capture some of the action at our factory, Mayo Knitting MillHere is a short video Bill put together from the 60 minutes of "B-Roll" he shot. He cut it around a quick interview he did with Bryan, the mill owner. This is not a finished video in any sense -- you will likely see this footage, and parts of Bryan's interview in future finished web videos -- but you all have been so patient and helpful throughout this process I thought it only right to share it, in order to give you all a sense of detail -- the industry and work required -- and place. This is where our stuff comes from, thanks to you. Sock-making is quite technical, and has undergone a lot of improvements over the past few years. And Bryan (the interviewee) and his family made the decision to keep production here in America. Bryan has been central to Penance Hall's creation, coaching us at every step, and then opening up his vast rolodex when we needed to find suppliers (for nylon, spandex and wool). N.B. Almost all of the socks you see in the video are Penance Hall socks! There is video of the Blue+White, and Blue+Red both being dried and boxed. You can see from the stacks of socks that we are well into production -- and we also wanted to illustrate for you the boxing process, which is also in the video (look closely and you'll see our logo on the box). 

No need to call the ATF -- unless they need some new socks!

No need to call the ATF -- unless they need some new socks!

Next, something we've been thinking about for a while. To celebrate Penance Hall's military heritage, we bought an old 5.56mm ammo can, some bright orange spray paint, and then ordered a custom-made stencil (it goes in the mail today). We're thinking about putting some socks from our expanded line in there, and then giving it away to our favorite tweetpin, or Facebook post of a backer wearing our socks. What do you all think? Do you have any other ideas?

As for production, we are just a few days (~6 business days) away from completion. Then it's on to our 3PL facility, and off to each and every backer and buyer.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

Josh + Team PH

Boxes. Check.

Just a quick note that we have  placed an order for 3000 boxes. See below for what they will look like. And as always, you can pre-order our luxury merino wool socks -- with the new colors -- on


N.B. The care card inside. "Wash Cold. Air Dry."