Here's our Kickstarter video! We successfully raised over $50,000 from 957 backers in early 2014!

Penance Hall has grown out of our love for post-war American style: clean lines, functional design, and bold optimistic color.

We are disappointed with multi-billion-dollar "fashion" companies that profess to love America, while producing overseas. They are slowly destroying the very thing they publicly adore (luxury that results from hard work and craftsmanship). We cannot compete with them on price, but we can compete with them on quality.

We started Penance Hall with the help of over 900 backers on Kickstarter in early 2014, who helped us raise over $50,000 to start building the company.

Penance Hall makes things we are proud to wear, not just because they look good, or because they are made to our exacting specifications out of the best materials, on the best machines in the world, but because they represent our highest values.

We hope you'll choose Penance Hall for your next pair of socks.