Veteran owned. American made. Luxury socks.

Back in 2012 we set out with a simple goal: to make bold, luxurious Merino Wool dress socks right here in America. 

We succeeded, all while keeping our day jobs.

One of us took a new gig that came with some fairly stringent ethics requirements — and that means that we’re on a bit of a hiatus right now. Never fear though: soon enough we’ll be back in the business of selling you the best dress socks ever made in the United States!

Thanks for your support. Stay stylish out there.

- The Penance Hall Team

Instead of competing on price, we compete on quality, craftsmanship, and the pride we take in knowing that Penance Hall socks are 100% American Made.

This is why they are the best socks you have ever worn:

The World's Softest Wool. We use a rare, ultra-thin, American-grown fine merino wool that is 19.5 microns wide. Though it is pinch thicker than cotton, it has many advantages: it lasts 300% longer than cotton but feels just as soft. And it is 30% more absorbent. This leads to a breathable, comfortable, silky texture that holds its color, and can stand the stresses of your high-tempo professional life, while keeping your feet comfortable and dry all day long.

Knitted on World-Class Machines.      We scoured America to find a factory who had a rare model of 200-needle-count knitting machines which we heard were the best in the world. And after seeing the first few pairs it made for us, we knew the rumors were true. 200 needle-count means our socks are silky smooth, breathable, and soft. As a point of reference, most socks you buy in the store today are around 80 needle-count.

Bold Colors. Our unique dye formulas make Penance Hall socks unusually vibrant.  

The Perfect Fit – Guaranteed. We were tired of seeing our socks bunched up around our ankles throughout the day.  Penance Hall socks comfortably hug your calves and will never fall down.  In fact, if they ever do, you can send them back to us for a full refund.

100% American Made. We spent a year searching for the softest wool in the world, and we found it right here in the USA.  We use wool from South Carolina, dyed and woven in North Carolina by expert American craftsmen. You can rest assured that your apparel is not the product of child labor or sweatshops.  And because we produce domestically, we minimize our carbon footprint -- unlike the big brands, which ship their socks from mills halfway across the world.  Penance Hall supports American jobs, and our entire supply chain is consistent with the values you care about.


One last note on sizes. We make three. Small, for men who wear up to shoe size 9. Medium, for men who wear up to shoe size 11, and Large, for those who wear up to a 14. For women, the small should accommodate those who wear shoes between 4 and 9.